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Xoocity is a WEB3 commercial metaverse facilitating global cultural, artistic and business exchange. Using its “CitiFi” model and Hong Kong’s landscape for its first city, Xoocity enables immersive cultural experiences while providing an enterprise platform. Leveraging blockchain, Xoocity promotes borderless cultural integration through virtual experiences, NFT collections, metaverse services for businesses, and digital asset development.


Building the most interactive and interesting localized city lifestyle in the Meta world!


Elevate and satisfy people’s spirits and desires in a virtual world experience!





50% discount for pre-sale buyers



XOOCITY will issue 10 billion XOO Tokens over a period of 60 months (5 Years), with the following allocation ratios:

  • Private placement: 5%
  • Pre sale: 5%
  • Public sale: 10%
  • Team: 25%
  • Advisors: 5%
  • Marketing: 10%
  • Exchanges and liquidity: 10%
  • Staking and mining: 15%
  • Treasury fund: 15%

How To Buy

Discount on XOO Token

Our listing price is 0.08USDT/Token, you will enjoy 50% discount of our initial token listing at 0.04 USDT/Token subject to 10 months linear release lock up period.

1. Step

Choose Polygon Mainnet, Copy the wallet address below, 0xe4f68339bf813831aeeb0de0204cf74c6e93a599

2. Step

-Open Metamask Choose Polygon Mainnet and ensure that you are logged into the desired account from the wallet’s landing page. Then, click the ‘Send’ button located in the center of the screen.

-Enter the desired amount of USDT, ETH and Matic with a minimum of $400 , that you wish to invest, and proceed by clicking ‘Next’.

– Please send us your payment screen capture and your wallet address to info@xoocity.com.

– Finally, Click ‘Confirm’ to complete the transaction.

3. Step

If you can see that you are sending eth in the “Activity” tab, connect your Wallet to our website using the button to notify us of your transaction.



What can I do with XOO Token ?

With XOO tokens in Metaverse Hong Kong, you can:

  1. Buy virtual land for building, business, or creative projects.
  2. Engage in virtual business transactions.
  3. Enjoy social and entertainment activities.
  4. Create your dream home. 5. Participate in education and training opportunities.
Which crypto exchanges will XOO Token be listed and traded?

XOO Token is scheduled to be listed and traded for the first time on Lbank, XT.com, and Weex platforms on April 10th (tentative). As the number of our community members grows, we plan to gradually list XOO Token on other platforms in the future, such as gate.io, Mexc, Bybit, OKEx, and Binance, among others. This will provide more opportunities for investors to participate in XOO Token trading. Please stay tuned to our official channels for the latest listing and exchange information. Thank you for your attention and support to Metaverse Hong Kong!

What is XOOCITY's ecosystem?

The XOOCITY ecosystem consists of the following key elements: xoomate, xoobay, xoodeal, xoomoney, and yochain.

xoomate is XOOCITY’s social platform designed to connect users and foster community building. Users can establish connections, share interests, and participate in various activities on this platform.

xoobay is an online and offline B2B2C trading platform that provides users with a comprehensive shopping experience. Users can use xoo tokens as a payment method to purchase a variety of goods on xoobay.

xoodeal is a tech matching platform that helps businesses quickly build WEB3 applications and solutions. It connects enterprises with technology partners, facilitating the development and promotion of innovative digital solutions.

xoomoney is the virtual currency within the XOOCITY ecosystem used for various commercial transactions and entertainment games. It offers users a convenient way to transact and provides opportunities for profit.

yochain is a global NFT trading platform that drives the development and transaction cycle of the NFT market. It provides users with a globalized NFT trading platform, promoting the prosperity and growth of the NFT market.

Through the deep integration of these elements, the XOOCITY ecosystem offers users diverse experiences and opportunities. Users can establish social relationships, shop, engage in tech collaborations, and conduct transactions using virtual currency within this virtual world. Additionally, they can participate in NFT trading globally and experience the allure of digital assets. The goal of this ecosystem is to meet user needs and create a vibrant and valuable virtual world.

Will XOOCITY provide AIGC and Games app?

Yes, XOOCITY will provide AIGC and games apps for its members/players. Users can enjoy playing 3D games, including exciting car racing and horse racing games. XOOCITY aims to satisfy people’s desires in a virtual world experience and offers various activities to elevate their spirits. The platform also emphasizes brand image and provides localized services for user satisfaction.

Do you expect xoo token to grow like bitcoin or Eth?

Based on the provided documents, there is no explicit statement or prediction about whether the XOO token will experience similar growth to Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, the documents highlight the importance of the XOO token as a common currency within the XOOCITY platform. It is used for closed-loop transactions, including payment for products, services, and entertainment games.

The focus of XOOCITY is to create a good product and scene content experience, maintain a closed-loop system, and provide convenience, pleasure, and benefits to users. The platform aims to build a loyal user base and form a key mechanism with various commercial and entertainment activities.

What can I do with XOOCITY's virtual land?

With XOOCITY’s virtual land, you have a range of exciting possibilities and activities at your fingertips. As an owner of virtual land in the metaverse, you gain perks and control over the space, similar to real-world property ownership.

One of the main uses of XOOCITY’s virtual land is to run complete businesses within the metaverse. XOOCITY has created virtual shops in the digital space, allowing landowners to establish and operate their own businesses. You can sell products and services, participate in trade shows, conventions, and exhibitions, and engage in B2B/B2C marketplaces. This opens up opportunities for commerce and trade, bringing ease of accessibility to users.

Additionally, XOOCITY offers various virtual entertainment centers and tourist attractions. You can create and design your own flagship stores, department store spaces, exhibition halls, concert venues, bars, and more. Users can freely choose to participate in the purchase of plots in industry malls or independently build their own establishments. This flexibility allows for creativity and customization in creating unique experiences for visitors.

Furthermore, XOOCITY provides career training and recruitment services. Users can register as professionals in either the real or virtual world, and their user profiles will include their resume introductions. This opens up opportunities for vocational training, career development, and headhunting services.

In summary, with XOOCITY’s virtual land, you can establish and run businesses, participate in trade and commerce, create entertainment centers and tourist attractions, and engage in career training and recruitment services. The possibilities are vast, and the platform aims to provide a diverse and multi-functional experience within the metaverse.

Does XOOCITY has any institional supports?

Yes, XOOCITY does have institutional support. According to the provided documents, XOOCITY Meta Technology Ltd. is supported by the Google Cloud Startup Fund. This support from a renowned technology company like Google demonstrates the credibility and potential of XOOCITY’s virtual metaverse platform.

Being a Hong Kong science and technology park incubate company, XOOCITY Meta Technology Ltd. receives support from the local government. This support signifies the recognition and endorsement of XOOCITY’s innovative approach to creating a WEB3 commercial metaverse.

Furthermore, XOOCITY emphasizes the importance of brand image and community engagement. By fostering a sense of belonging among its users and offering spaces for social interaction, learning, and cultural exchange, XOOCITY aims to create a vibrant and economically robust virtual city. This mission aligns with the support and collaboration of various businesses and enterprises within the XOOCITY platform.

Does XOOCITY has any plans to expand into other cities?

Yes, according to the provided documents, XOOCITY does have plans to expand into other mega cities in the future. The company aims to create virtual cities such as Tokyo, New York, London, Soeul and Paris within the metaverse. This expansion strategy is driven by the goal of making a mark in the virtual real estate market, which is expected to see significant growth in the coming years.

By replicating real-world cities in stunning detail within the virtual environment, XOOCITY aims to provide users with immersive and engaging experiences. These virtual cities will encompass a multitude of tourist attractions, buildings, skyscrapers, and landscapes, mirroring the essence and charm of the real cities they represent.

Expanding into other cities not only broadens XOOCITY’s reach but also opens up new opportunities for businesses and individuals to participate in the metaverse. The platform offers a diverse range of products and services, including B2B marketplaces, land lease options, B2C marketplaces, virtual exhibitions, and more. This expansion strategy aligns with the projected growth of the virtual real estate market, which is expected to increase by $5.37 billion from 2022 to 2026.

Xoocity is a global WEB3 commercial metaverse with a focus on cultural and artistic exchange between the East and the West. Through the CitiFi model and leveraging blockchain technology, Xoocity facilitates borderless cultural integration, offering diverse products and services such as enterprise metaverse construction, cross border B2B2C marketplaces, brand NFT design, and digital asset development.